woman360  is...


a testimonial to the sensitive and omnipresent woman

the woman               

the daughter            

the woman               

the professional      


a tribute to the generous and courageous woman

the woman             

the friend                

the woman           

the mother            


a portray of the free and strong woman

the woman                

the wife                    

the woman               

the star                    

that rebels herself and revolves

that reveals herself and evolves

that expresses herself and moves

that involves herself and resolves



that persists and resists

that shares and delivers

that suffers and overcomes

that educates and respects



that senses and influences

that listens and supports

that agrees and disagrees

that shines independently

woman360 is...


  • A tribute to today's woman who boldly faces her challenging multifaceted life


  • An art collection created by Spanish artist Toñi López for an affinity group of women


  • An art book that collects genuine quotes from an affinity group of women around an appealing theme


  • The combined art collection+book is a colourful, insightful and emotional portray of today’s women inner lives and challenges