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Thursday 10th November


Each participant had a great time painting while having a glass of wine.


Good positive energy amongst
an engaged audience! 


Under my guidance, each participant
was able to paint her 
masterpiece and
was delighted to take it home.   


Thank you all
for your kind support!


See you in next edition!


Art Collection & Exhibition


Last June 10th, 2016 I presented
my new art collection 
together with 3 great artists. 


Discover the Sensing Singapore Seasons collection here,
my personal tribute to Singapore.


It depicts how I learnt to apprehend Singapore richness and variations.
It reflects how I evolved in my intimate relationship with the country’s nature and seasonality.

Sensing seasons makes us grow. Our mind gets refreshed by triggering new emotions in response to changing life rhythms. Seasons talk about transitions that unleash new perspectives to tell new personal stories.  

Seasons are not about Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Seasons are about the intimate relationship with the environment.
Close or distant. Serene or intense. Rigid or flexible. Accepted or suffered. Rooted in the past or lived in the present.
How aware are you of your season sensors?